Privacy and cookies

In order for to function as smoothly as possible, we place cookies - small text files - on your device. We do this because it makes it simpler for us to improve the content and design, making the website easier and more pleasant to use.

The goal is to understand your needs so that we can improve our content and better help the website’s users. Cookies are not used to collect personal information about you. We have activated «anonymizeIP» so that your IP-address is not collected by Google.

In your web browser settings, you can both turn off and delete cookies.

Cookies in use

Google Analytics
This gives us useful statistics regarding how visitors use the website so that we can make the web pages as simple and informative as possible for users.

We occasionally use HotJar to collect statistics on how visitors use the web pages so as to simplify and improve the user experience.

Task Analytics
We occasionally use surveys to see if users found what they were looking for on our web pages. This installs a cookie on your device so that we remember if you have already answered or do not want to take part.

We use ShareThis to make it easier for users to share on social media relevant information from our website.