New managing director at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Gaute Lenvik (46) has been appointed the new managing director at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI). Lenvik took over the position on February 1st. He was previously director of analysis and politics in Food Drink Norway at the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises (NHO).

This article was first published 02.02.2017

"Bio-economy offers major growth opportunities for Norway. A prerequisite for this is good animal health and welfare, which easily is taken for granted in Norway. A strong and competent Veterinary Institute is important to preserve the good health situation," says Lenvik.

Gaute Lenvik was previously the managing director of NHO Food and Agriculture and NHO Food and Bio. Before this, Lenvik worked as head of the department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food with responsibility for research, innovation and regional policy. He was central in the restructuring of the institute, university and college sectors regarding food and veterinary sciences.

"I look forward to taking on new and challenging tasks and becoming better acquainted with the NVI. I have great respect for the expertise that exists within the organisation and the key role that the Institute plays regarding health and welfare challenges for fish, animals, humans and the environment," says Lenvik.

He adds that the moving of the NVI to Ås in a new and modern building with excellent facilities just outside Oslo will be a big boost for veterinary science in Norway and a fantastic base for the future of the Institute. 

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