Opening of Europe's most advanced veterinary medicine building

H.M. Queen Sonja of Norway was present at the official opening of the new veterinary building at Ås on the 1. September 2021. This large building complex is a powerhouse for knowledge, teaching, diagnostics and preparedness against health threats to animals, fish and humans, often referred to as One Health.

The building at Ås, ca 40km south of Oslo, consists of 63,000 square meters and 2,400 rooms, and houses both the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and the new headquarters of the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI).

High tech and modern building

The new building is advanced, high tech and modern and unique in a European context.

"For the NVI, the opening marks a strengthened risk-based preparedness to prevent and detect health threats to fish, animals and humans. We have a fantastic facility that gives us even better opportunities to solve our societal mission, perform effective diagnostics and strengthen research”, says CEO Jorun Jarp at the NVI.

With this building, NMBU and NVI get:

  • Better opportunities to conduct research and diagnostics on diseases that are harmful to animals and that can also infect humans.
  • Increased investment in veterinary medicine, which will provide better animal welfare and better food safety.
  • Better teaching facilities. 
  • The building and co-location will strengthen the cooperation between the institutions and give them better conditions for solving their societal tasks.

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