Seven new research projects funded from the Research Council of Norway

This week the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) received funding from the Research Council of Norway after they released the evaluation results of the 2021 calls for scientific projects. NVI will lead four new projects and participate in additional three projects lead buy other institutions. In total this amounts to 42,5 million NOK to research in animal health, fish health, animal welfare and rabies threatening both people and animals in Africa.

All these four projects have a One Health perspective where health threats for animals or fish, humans and the environment are seen as a whole. The projects are divided in their focus on health for pigs, for fish, animal welfare, and rabies – in a One Health setting. In addition NVI will participate in three other projects also funded in this round regarding health and welfare in aquaculture and reindeer.

“The success today proves that the researchers at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute are able to compete even with the strongest researchers in established universities. The projects funded now are all testimonies to the importance and relevance of the competence and societal mission of NVI both in Norway and beyond. Financing from the Research Council of Norway (RCN) is extremely competitive, and there are a lot of good ideas and concepts that despite its merits simply cannot be funded”, says Carlos das Neves, director at NVI for research and internationalisation.

“Even though we are a little sad to see so many innovative NVI ideas not funded this year, we do appreciate the funding of four new projects. These success stories are also the result of huge engagement of many of our researchers, who bridging over disciplines and building good national and international teams have deserved the highest seal of approval from RCN”, continues das Neves.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute participated actively in this year’s calls coordinating a total of 19 applications to the calls for Scientific Renewal, Young Talents, International Mobility, Large-scale interdisciplinary projects and Collaborative Project to meet Societal and Industry-related Challenges. Additionally NVI was a partner in 12 additional applications from other Norwegian institutions.

More than 2800 projects were submitted to RCN with a total budget of more than 28 billion NOK. RCN has funded 336 projects for a total of 3,7 billion NOK, so an overall success rate of approx. 13.3 % (varying within each call).

NVI applied for a total of 236,5 million NOK in its 41 project participations, and has secured funding for 42,5 million kroner (18 %).

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