Strengthening the collaboration between Norway and Mongolia

On Tuesday 28th January, Carlos das Neves, Director for Research and Internationalisation at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute presented the NOR-MON-HEALTH report to the Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food, and the President of Mongolia. The report indicates that Norway and Mongolia can strengthen their cooperation within animal health and food safety.

"Our presentation of the NOR-MON-HEALTH report to our Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food, and the President of Mongolia underlines the importance that both countries dedicate to animal health and production of safe and sustainable food. While the geographic distance between Norway and Mongolia is big, together with our Mongolian colleagues we have identified several common challenges related totopics like infectious diseases, outbreak management, and safety along the food chain where we believe we can cooperate in the future" – said Carlos das Neves, Director for Research & Internationalisation.

Official visit resulted in proposal for four collaboration projects

Four researchers from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute participated in an official visit to Mongolia in June 2019. As a result of that visit and after discussions with Mongolian colleagues, the NOR-MON-HEALTH report proposes four collaborative projects between the two countries aimed at increasing competence within One Health:

  1. Enhancing prediction and prevention: Competence building in veterinary epidemiology
  2. Enhancing detection: in primary diagnostic investigations
  3. Enhancing response on AMR: Strengthening of bacteriological diagnostics and testing of antimicrobial resistance
  4. Enhancing response on Emerging threats: Training in working with cell cultures and a pilot study on oral rabies vaccination

"Both countries can benefit from sharing knowledge and experiences and I believe that the 4 projects/interventions the report suggests for further collaboration can be a good pathway for enhanced capacity on animal health and emergence preparedness for both countries" - concluded Carlos das Neves


In August 2018, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) participated in an official visit to Mongolia led by the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food. During this visit, authorities of both countries expressed interest in developing a stronger bilateral cooperation to increase capacity in both Norway and Mongolia on topics related to animal and human health as well as food safety.

The Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food has subsequently decided to finance NVI to carry out a scientific mission to Mongolia during summer 2019, aimed at mapping potential areas for scientific collaboration, with a focus on challenges related to animal health, food safety and zoonotic diseases. Furthermore, and in close collaboration with Mongolian colleagues, the mission should try to identify gaps related to animal husbandry, disease management and food safety that once jointly addressed may lead to increased capacity and preparedness in both countries.

Finally, a stronger collaboration on animal health with Mongolia may open doors to increased trade between the countries and investment of Norwegian companies.

Read more and download the report.

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