The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is testing out the new building at Ås

The date for relocating the headquarters of the Norwegian Veterinary Institute is approaching. The Institute expects to move from Adamstua in Oslo to its brand new high tech and modern building at Ås by May 2021. Before the Institute can move, equipment, buildings and procedures for laboratories have to be tested. In this short video, you get a glimpse of how this testing is being done.

The first step to prepare for relocation is to test whether the building, the laboratories, the different facilities and the operational procedures are functioning well and as intended. These tests include all business-critical activities that must function in the new building before the Norwegian Veterinary Institute can be moved. In the film, you will see glimpses from one of the tests that were carried out for the area of bacteriology and a brief interview with Camilla Skjæret, who is Project Leader for the completion phase.


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