Medical mycology

The Toxinology research group are active in biomedical research and development activities with a special emphasis within the One Health concept.

We provide independent research-based mycological consultancy-service to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and other stakeholders responsible for the food and feed production chain from farm and fjord to fork.

The Toxinology research group has together with Section of Microbiology a broad expertise specialised in enumeration and identification of fungi and fungus-like organisms pathogenic to aquatic and terrestrial animals, applying both traditional and molecular methods.

In the field of medical mycology, we are dealing with both superficial and invasive fungal infections: Dermatophytes, other pathogenic fungi and Oomycetes. We are especially involved in Aspergillus as important pathogenic fungi in both humans and animals. We are also involved in research on the increasing resistance against the antifungal agents azoles.