Avian influenza in wild birds

High pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has never been reported or diagnosed in wild birds nor in poultry in Norway.

Avian influenza are monitored in wild birds and in poultry.

  • The surveillance programme for avian influenza in wild birds serves as a potential early detection and monitoring system in relation to influenza A viruses of avian origin, with special emphasis on HPAI H5 and H7 subtype viruses in the wild bird reservoir.
  • The main goal of the surveillance programme for avian influenza in poultry is to document that Norwegian poultry flocks are free of influenza A infections of the subtypes H5 and H7, and to ensure that the free status is maintained.

The surveillance programme for AI in wild birds are run at a regular, but not always yearly basis. 


Surveillance in 2018 did not detect highly pathogenic avian influenza infection in wild birds.

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