Genetically modified organsims (GMO) in food, feed and seed.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute do surveillance of GMO in food, feed and seed in Norway.

The purpose of the program is to monitoring the presence of GMO in food, feed and seed in both domestic and imported products.

The reports are published in Norwegian, but contains a short summary in English. 


The results of the 2017 monitoring program do not deviate significantly from the results of previous GMO monitoring programs in Norway. This year’s five findings include one food sample with an illegal content of unauthorized GMO papaya from Thailand, three food samples with an illegally high content of EUauthorized GMO soy in soft tortillas from the USA, in vegetarian burgers from Malaysia and in dried soy beans from Thailand. The fifth finding was GM soy in a rodent feed product from the Netherlands. All food products were imported by small/medium size importers, meanwhile the feed product was imported by a large importer for the retail market. Altogether 158 samples were analyzed in the program. GMO was detected in 69 (44 %) of these samples.

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