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European researchers collaborate on CWD


The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is participating in a new European project to investigate the deadly prion disease Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in cervids. The main goal is to be able to contribute to better strategies for detecting, managing and controlling the disease.

Yes, we can prevent future pandemics


CHRONICLE: With new health threats perhaps just a flight away, we need to ask how Norway can contribute in the global effort to prevent future pandemics.

125,000 cervids tested for Chronic Wasting Disease


As many as 125,000 cervids have been tested at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute since the first wild reindeer was diagnosed with Chronic Wasting Disease - CWD in 2016. The samples come from cervids that were hunted, as well as those found sick or injured in traffic, and testing is an important part of monitoring CWD in Norway.

Infections from animals and the environment to humans- a growing problem


People can contract diseases caused by pathogens found in both animals and the environment. Pandemics seem to be getting more frequent. Why? Moreover, can new pandemics be avoided? These were some of the topics that the Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food, Olaug Bollestad heard about, and discussed, in a meeting with Carlos das Neves, Director of research and internationalization at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and President of the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA), at a meeting on March 11th.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is testing out the new building at Ås


The date for relocating the headquarters of the Norwegian Veterinary Institute is approaching. The Institute expects to move from Adamstua in Oslo to its brand new high tech and modern building at Ås by May 2021. Before the Institute can move, equipment, buildings and procedures for laboratories have to be tested. In this short video, you get a glimpse of how this testing is being done.

15 new research projects


15 new research proposals have been granted financial support during December 2020. These are all relevant research projects either led by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute or NVI participating as a partner. The overall budget to cover the contribution of the NVI is approx. 50 million NOK.

How to avoid new and perhaps more serious pandemics?


Experts gathered by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) warn in a report launched on 29 October 2020 that there may be more and worse pandemics than covid-19 in the future. The experts give advice on how we can both reduce and manage the risk of new and worse crises.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) identified in a wild reindeer at Hardanger Plateau


On Thursday evening 10th of September, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute notified the Norwegian Food Safety Authority of a confirmed case of CWD in a wild reindeer shot during the ordinary hunt on the Hardanger plateau in central southern Norway. Material from a lymph node tested positive, while brain tissue was negative.

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