The Veterinary Institute has confirmed CWD in the red deer from Etne in Norway

The institute notified on 17th of September of suspected infection with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in a female red deer from Etne in the Western part of Norway. Examinations of additional material submitted to the Institute, could not detect infection in the lymph nodes.

The finding is compatible with «atypical» CWD, as previously described in Nordic moose and one red deer from Gjemnes in Nordmøre in 2017. «Atypical» CWD is defined on the basis of lack of detection of prions in lymphatic tissue, with the diagnostic methods used. The occurrence of CWD in Nordic moose and red deer has been sporadic, and not contagious as in wild reindeer.


Jørn Våge

Seniorforsker vilthelse, skrantesyke/CWD-koordinator
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